Bill Maher Calls Malaysian Plane Search Less Important than Dead Whales, Plastic

by Josh Encinias

Bill Maher said the wreckage of Malaysian flight MH370, which apparently crashed in the Indian Ocean last month after veering off a course from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, is the “least important thing” we need to pull from the ocean. Maher thinks oil slicks, dead whales, cargo, and plastic are a more pressing issue.

“I honestly think the least important thing we could pull out of the ocean is that airplane,” Maher said. “It’s been a sobering experience when one week after another we see all this debris floating around in the ocean and all this stuff we have to get out. That’s the stuff we need to get out of the ocean — oil slicks and dead whales and cargo and plastic.”

Maher thinks America always focuses on the “wrong thing.” He said humans will die out because we think finding flight MH370 is more important than cleaning the ocean—​we “can’t see which [is] the important one.”

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