Behind and Beyond the Mozilla Madness: Biden and the ‘Barbarians’

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

A couple of weeks ago, Joe Biden gave the keynote at a Human Rights Campaign gathering, at which time he said that it is “close to barbaric” that in America today someone can get fired for their sexual orientation or identity.

He was campaigning for the flawed Employment Non-Discrimination Act that doesn’t simply prevent unjust discrimination but creates a new class of rights that interfere with the freedom of employers to manage their workplaces. Once again, not only conscience but good sense and efficiency are at the mercy of radical social campaigns.

Biden insisted: “The country’s moved on, the American people have moved on.” And he went on to quote Andrei Sakharov saying, ‘A country that does not respect the rights of its citizens will not respect the rights of its neighbor,” pointing to Russia and the Ukraine today. Beware Christians in Mexico, Obama-Biden-Human-Rights-Campaign-Inc. may be coming for you next? At a forum at the U.N. this week a Kenyan made the case that all of these laws criminalizing homosexuality are a result of U.S. pressure on them to subscribe to the administration’s longstanding and increasing global LGBT agenda.

In his campaign for ENDA, Biden said: “Imagine 20 years from now as America looked back and say ‘How in the hell can that ever been allowed?’” I’d like to think they’d be saying that about a lot of our poor stewardship of human dignity and gifts of freedom we’re all too often surrendering in indifference and to bullies (who will mandate what they can get away with). And I’d like to think Brendan Eich and photographers and cake artists and the Hahns and the Greens might be seen in a different light than they are in much of the mainstream today.