Hollywood Hates Humans

by Wesley J. Smith

I was amused to see that Bill Clinton echoed an old Ronald Reagan idea that a space alien invasion could unite humanity.

I’m not so sure. It would depend on their motives, if recent movies are any guide. I have a piece over at First Things about anti-humanism in the movies–Noah, The Day the Earth Stood Still, etc.. In thinking it through, the only times the movies unequivocally root for humans seem to be when aliens want to, yes, kill the planet! From, “Hollywood Hates Humans:”

These days, it seems, we are only allowed to root for the human race when space aliens invade. Even then, alien invaders may not necessarily be bad guys. Rather, they are often evil because they plan to engage in the “ecocide” environmentalists ubiquitously accuse humans of committing.

Thus in the rollicking Independence Day (1996) the aliens are a “galactic swarm of locusts devouring each world’s natural resources before moving on to the next one.” Similarly, in The Battle of Los Angeles (2011)—one of the few recent films in which soldiers are depicted as unequivocally heroic—the invading aliens plan to suck all the water off the planet.

The remake of War of the Worlds also has the aliens committing world-wide ecocide to make our planet compatible to their biology.

This much I do know: You almost never see a movie of recent vintage that depicts humans thriving because of the responsible exploitation of natural resources. In fact, I can’t think of any.

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