Rascals and Others

by Jay Nordlinger

In our latest podcast, Mona Charen and I talk about John Kerry and the chimera known as “the Middle East peace process.” We agree on this simple, sober fact: There will be peace the second the Arabs want to coexist — and not before.

We later talk about leftist nonsense on campus — such as a recent incident at UC-Santa Barbara. (That must be a beautiful campus. I can imagine the politics. Probably the same as at UC-Santa Cruz, where Angela Davis was on the faculty.) I hazard — just for sport — that maybe we conservatives make too big a deal out of such incidents. Maybe we make too big a deal out of leftism on campus altogether. Mona talks me down from that in about two seconds.

You may have seen a couple of Corner posts that John Fund and I had — here and here. They were about the “Profile in Courage” award, given by the Kennedy family. In 2001, it went to Gerald Ford, for his pardon of Nixon. Now it is going to George Bush the Elder, for the (I can hardly stand to type it) 1990 budget deal. You know the aphorism: The only good conservative is a dead conservative, or one safely retired.

Anyway, Mona and I talk about this. I say, “Will they be giving George W. the award in 20 years or so?” Mona says, “Yeah, for the surge!” That would be something.

We talk about a slew of things, but end with Edwin Edwards, the Louisiana politician and rascal — but I repeat myself. Hey, that’s not true anymore. Governor Bobby Jindal is one of the least rascally people in America. He stopped by NR offices the other day, and was impressive as always: bright, earnest, informed to the gills, peppy. Oughta run for president.

So should a lot of people. More the merrier, I say.

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