Mozilla Hit Hard by Negative Customer Feedback

by Andrew Johnson

Mozilla’s driving out CEO Brendan Eich isn’t sitting well with its customers, according to the company’s feedback page. Eich stepped down on Thursday amid pressure after a weeks-long controversy over his support of traditional marriage nearly a decade ago.

On its site, Mozilla tallies up the positive and negative feedback comments, and the results show that the latter is much higher than the former. For example, the day after Eich’s departure — Friday, April 4 — approximately 94 percent of customers posted “sad” comments, while the remaining 6 percent were “happy” ones.

On Thursday, the day Eich left, the number of negative comments hit a record high for the year of nearly 2,500 comments, surpassing the previous high by a couple hundred. The next day, the total of negative comments skyrocketed to over 7,000. Throughout the weekend, the number hovered around 7,000; over that same time, positive comments were stable at around 500, except for Sunday when they reached nearly 1,000.

Part of the way through Monday, the graph shows negative comments already well above 4,000. Users interested in registering their feedback can do so here.

Via Conservative Intelligence Briefing.

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