Krauthammer’s Take: Jeb Bush ‘Leading From The Chin’ On Immigration

by NRO Staff

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush recently said many people come to the United States illegally as an “act of love” for their families. Some conservatives are unsure of what to make of Bush’s comment, but Charles Krauthammer said Jeb’s comment shows he isn’t thinking about the issue seriously enough.

“That statement he made about illegal immigration being an ‘act of love’ is kind of bizarre,” said Krauthammer. “I grant him the complete sincerity of his view . . . but that’s leading with your chin. After all, there are millions of people all over the world who are equally compassionate about the future of their children, who are awaiting patiently and legally in line, and who love their children no less.”

Krauthammer said Bush is implying there must be some special compassion for people who “jump the fence” and break the law. But, with the illegal-immigration problem being what it is, Krauthammer thinks Bush, who’s been mooted as a potential 2016 candidate, is being irresponsible: “The president has to make a statement that an elementary principle of sovereignty is we control who comes into the country.”

Jeb’s presidential prospects aren’t ruined by his statement, but it will hurt him, Krauthammer said.

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