Hooray, Leaves Are Finally on the Trees, but . . .

by Jack Fowler

. . . they’ll be falling by November. And then, what will you do about them? Rake ‘em up. Or instead take the smarter course: forget the rake, the tarp, the blower, and the mulcher, and spend the week of November 9-16 on the National Review 2014 Post-Election Caribbean Cruise? (Complete information about which you can find at www.nrcruise.com!)

Of course you will. And why not — can you imagine a better way to spend that week than in the company of former Congressman Allen West, acclaimed historian Victor Davis Hanson, former senators Jon Kyl and Fred Thompson, former governors Tim Pawlenty and Luis Fortuño, legal experts John Yoo, Cleta Mitchell, Ed Whelan, and Legal Insurrection publisher William Jacobson, liberal-media scourges Brent Bozell and Christian Robey, syndicated columnists Mona Charen, Cal Thomas, and Deroy Murdock, top political strategists Ralph Reed and Ned Ryun, Townhall.com editor Guy Benson, Americans for Prosperity president Tim Phillips, Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Michael Ramirez, City Journal editor Brian Anderson, Claremont Review of Books editor Charles Kesler, NRO editors-at-large Jonah Goldberg and Kathryn Lopez, NR editor Rich Lowry, terrorism and defense experts Bing West, Andrew McCarthy, and John Hillen, policy experts Sally Pipes, Jennifer Marshall, and Christina Hoff Sommers, novelist Michael Walsh, NR senior editors Jay Nordlinger and Ramesh Ponnuru, NR essayists Charles Cooke and Kevin Williamson, NR columnists Rob Long and James Lileks, ace political writers John Fund, Jim Geraghty, John J. Miller, and NR cartoonist Roman Genn? 

No wonder we’re expecting over 700 people to attend! And when they (you!) do they’ll be enjoying NR’s exclusive event program: nine scintillating seminars featuring NR’s editors and guest speakers; two fun-filled “Night Owl” sessions; three revelrous pool-side cocktail receptions; a late-night “smoker” featuring world-class H. Upmann cigars (and complimentary cognac); and intimate dining on two evenings with a guest speaker or editor.

Join us. Or prepare to rake. Find out how you can have a spectacular week on the National Review 2014 Post-Election Caribbean Cruise at www.nrcruise.com.

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