Cruz: Dems’ Gender-Gap Push for ‘Paying off the Trial Lawyers’

by Andrew Johnson

The upcoming vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act in the Senate is nothing more than the latest in a series of “show votes,” says Ted Cruz. Because Democrats know the bill to address the pay gap between men and women won’t pass, the Texas Republican offered another reason why his colleagues across the aisle are pursuing the legislation.

“This has everything to do with a political show vote for the Democrats, and paying off the trial lawyers who are among the biggest funders of the Democratic party,” Cruz told Fox News. “They’re using women to hide what they’re really trying to do.”

He said Congress and the administration should enact policies that will help create jobs for women rather than pass equal-pay laws that are already on the books. Cruz noted that the incomes of women have dropped under the Obama administration.

On Tuesday, President Obama signed two executive orders meant to address the wage gap.

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