Krauthammer’s Take: Case Against Lois Lerner ‘Will Die’ Unless Immunity Granted

by NRO Staff

The chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee announced on Monday that investigators found evidence that former IRS head Lois Lerner may have committed crimes in the agency’s tea party scandal. Lerner is expected to receive a vote of contempt on Thursday for refusing to testify before the House Oversight Reform Committee panel. 

Charles Krauthammer isn’t sure that anything will come of the contempt vote or the Department of Justice investigation because “the administration has no interest in investigating.”

“The administration wants to stonewall, and secondly, if the press is not willing to do anything on its own because it is not interested, then [they] will probably succeed,” said Krauthammer.

Eight months ago President Obama called the IRS’s actions a scandal, but now Democrats say it nothing more than a he said, she said ”witch hunt.” Krauthammer said the case is diminished because Lerner was “never properly handled,” and that the only way forward is to grant her immunity (to compel her to speak), “otherwise [this] will go nowhere on this, and it will die.”

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