Fournier: ‘Shame on Media’ if We Let Harry Reid Get Away With Koch Crusade

by NRO Staff

​As Jim pointed out in today’s Morning Jolt, National Journal’s Ron Fournier called on the media to confront Harry Reid over his repeated rants against the Koch brothers on the Senate floor. He also blasted the majority leader for a recent false ad by Reid’s PAC claiming ties between the Kochs and Louisiana Republican Senate candidate Bill Cassidy, which the Washington Post gave Four Pinocchios. Transcript below:

Shame on us if we in the media let him get away with this. First of all, his PAC has its own wealthy billionaires who are donating to him. Second of all, the ad is false, outright false. Representative Cassidy actually fought against the Koch brothers here — that’s not pointed out in the ad. The ad is a lie. Third, this is the third time in a row that Harry Reid’s PAC has had an ad that’s been labeled patently false by the Washington Post. He is making facts up. He is lying. Eventually it’s going to come around and get you. Even in this media environment we have now, I’ve got to believe that Stephen [F. Hayes of the Weekly Standard] is wrong and the Democrats will pay a high price for lying in these Senate ads. They’re lying.

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