Manchin: Reid’s Koch Obsession ‘Does Not Help Us Move This Country Forward’

by Andrew Johnson

At least one Democrat isn’t a fan of Harry Reid’s obsession with attacking the Koch brothers on the Senate floor. West Virginia’s Joe Manchin said he’s “always disappointed” when the majority leader relapses in his Koch dependency.

“You don’t beat up people,” he told Fox News on Thursday. “I mean, I don’t agree with [the Kochs'] politics or philosophically, but they’re Americans — they’re paying their taxes, they’re not breaking the law, they’re providing jobs.” (He did not, however, provide evidence that the Kochs have paid their taxes; perhaps Senator Reid has heard otherwise.)

He pushed back against the notion that the strategy helps fire up Democratic voters, saying that both parties’ bases are already enthusiastic.

Congressional leadership should be more focused on America’s ailing economy, Manchin argued. “This type of rhetoric does not help us move this country or move the agenda forward,” he said.

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