A Small Cultural Moment

by Michael Potemra

I just saw a rather remarkable thing on NBC. At the very end of The Tonight Show, as the credits were about to roll, Jimmy Fallon was running up the steps of his studio, and he stopped when he saw a pregnant woman. He then bent over and said a few words to her belly.

I’m not trying to make a cheap pro-life point here at the expense of Jimmy Fallon; because I don’t know whether Jimmy Fallon is explicitly pro-life or pro-choice, and frankly I don’t really care (there are decent folks on both sides of that question). I’m just pointing out that what I saw there was a recognition on his part that there is something in that belly that can be meaningfully addressed as a “thou,” and therefore as a person.

Maybe that comports with Jimmy Fallon’s political views, maybe not. But this is yet another reason I think that once we get past the current political paradigm on abortion, as a pro- or anti-woman issue, we will recognize that these people (the unborn, whether they be male or female) should be recognized and protected in law.

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