Mark Begich Is Running on Obamacare, Just Without, You Know, Mentioning Obamacare

by Patrick Brennan

David Axelrod likes a new ad by Alaska Democratic senator Mark Begich, who’s running for reelection this fall. “Democrats on offense on ACA with powerful ad,” he boasts. You’ll notice something:

As Stu Stevens, Romney’s 2012 campaign manager, points out: It’s a powerful ad that makes use of Obamacare — without mentioning Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, the ACA, health-care reform, the law Mark Begich voted for, or anything. It basically sounds like Begich performed a random constituent service to resolve the woman’s insurance issues, which is a nice way to frame it, since constituent services tend not to have the deleterious effects on other constituents Obamacare does.

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