Dem. Senator: Of Course Obamacare Had Problems — It’s ‘So Big’

by Andrew Johnson

The numerous delays and unilateral alterations to Obamacare were to be expected — given the health-care law’s massive breadth, said Senator Chris Murphy (D., Conn.).

“We were reordering one-sixth of the American economy — you don’t do that without some bumps along the road,” the first-term senator told MSNBC on Friday. “I’m certainly forgiving of the president making some decisions to try to implement in a way that makes sense.”

Murphy argued that President Obama and his signature law needed “a little bit of grace period, a little bit of latitude” because problems were bound to occur given its wide scope, but that this approach was the only viable one.

“This thing is so big — the only way to do it was to make it big,” he said.

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