Carney Calls Reporter’s Questions about Sebelius ‘Pretty Lame’

by Andrew Johnson

After snapping at the White House press corps earlier this week, Jay Carney struck again with his biting tone.

During Friday’s press briefing, SiriusXM’s Jared Rizzi asked about President Obama’s sudden praise for Kathleen Sebelius in his announcement of her resignation despite showing little public support in recent months. He noted that the president left out Sebelius during his April 1 “victory lap” remarks about surpassing the 7 million enrollment goal.

As Rizzi and Carney went back and forth for a few moments, the press secretary called the question “pretty lame,” and immediately moved on from Rizzi’s inquiries.

“The president, I think, gave you plenty of sound today on his feelings about Secretary Sebelius’s service, so you got it from him and you got it pretty clearly,” he said.

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