McCain Blasts Obama’s ‘Shameful’ Inaction against Putin, Calls for Arming Ukrainians

by Katherine Howell

Senator John McCain condemned President Obama’s failure to support the Ukrainians with intelligence and weapons, and said that the escalating conflict in eastern Ukraine is due to the United States’ failure to act forcefully enough in response to Putin’s annexation of Crimea.

“He’s encouraged by the fact that we sanctioned a few people,” Senator McCain told Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation Sunday. Predicting that the Ukrainians will fight if Russia’s encroachments continue, he said that “we ought to at least, for God’s sake, give them some light weapons to defend themselves.”

“They feel abandoned by us and rightfully so,” McCain said. “This is shameful.”

Calling for stronger sanctions against Russia, the Arizona senator said that so far, “there’s been a lot of talk and no action.”

“We’ve got to lead, and where is the president of the United States?” McCain asked. “So far we haven’t heard anything.”

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