Tempus — Ahem — Fugit

by Michael Potemra

I was just listening to an oldies station out of L.A., which played the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction,” followed immediately by a-ha’s “Take on Me.” I was taken aback at what appeared to be a mixing of genres, of Oldies proper with ’80s. But a Google search indicates that “Satisfaction” (1965) is closer in time to “Take on Me” (1985) than “Take on Me” is to the present day, so the relentless process of the formation of the musical canon is probably correct to start classing them in the same category. It is sobering to contemplate that a dozen or so of my colleagues at National Review were born after “Take on Me” was released, so that for them that song legitimately belongs in Oldies, if not Classical. (Anyway, to spice up your Monday morning, watch the video of “Take on Me”: It’s one of the high points of the genre.)

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