Unleash the Socks

by Rich Lowry

Now that Russia is invading Ukraine again, the administration is presumably going to take things to a whole new level — and give the Ukrainians socks. From the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, prior to Putin’s latest moves in eastern Ukraine:

U.S. officials described the new steps as small by design to reduce the risk that Moscow will see the moves as a provocation and respond by, for example, seizing a strip of Ukrainian territory linking the Crimean peninsula to Russia. U.S. intelligence agencies believe Moscow could launch such an operation without warning.

Ukrainian forces got the MREs late last month, about two weeks after requesting aid. The White House says it is still reviewing other items on Kiev’s wish-list, including medical kits, uniforms, boots and military socks.

“You want to calibrate your chest-thumps,” a senior military official said of the step-by-step American response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military moves. “He does something else in Ukraine, we release the socks.”

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