Will’s Take: Obama’s Foreign Policy Comes from Monty Python

by NRO Staff

George Will thinks Vladimir Putin is aiming to “do in the alliance that did in the Soviet Union” — NATO.

Will said Putin doesn’t believe President Obama will abide by NATO’s Article 5, which says that any attack on Europe or North America will be considered an attack on them all, and that all parties will provide military support to those attacked.

“This crisis began with Secretary of State Kerry saying, ‘Nothing we are saying should be a threat to Putin,’” Will said. “If you’re not threatening a bad guy who’s doing bad things, what are you doing?”

Some Americans leaders listen to “the idealism of Woodrow Wilson,” or the “realism of Henry Kissinger,” Will quipped, but Obama’s constant claims that Putin is losing ground as he picks up victories suggest he’s getting his foreign-policy cues from Monty Python.

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