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Krauthammer’s Take: CBO’s New, Lower Obamacare Score ‘Still Gargantuan’


Even with the latest Congressional Budget Office report lowering the estimated cost of Obamacare from its original predications, Charles Krauthammer said it is still a “gargantuan” figure. Under the Obama administration, he pointed out, the American national debt has still risen by $7 trillion in just five years.

“This is unimaginable — almost undoable but Obama has succeeded in doing it,” he said on Tuesday’s Special Report.

In order to address the issue of excessive spending, Congress and the president must work towards reforming entitlements, Krauthammer said. But he remained doubtful that it would take place with the current makeup of Washington.

“The Democrats, simply, and this president will not talk about it, will not lift a finger to do it,” he said. “We’re going to have to have a new administration and we will get it done, because otherwise we’re going to go over a cliff.”