Peter King: Rand Paul Isn’t ‘Capable’ of Having ‘an Intelligent Debate’

by Andrew Johnson

In the latest round of the Peter King–Rand Paul squabble, the New York congressman doubted the Kentucky senator’s interest, or even ability, to have a reasonable debate on the issue of national security.

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, King accused Paul of “expedience paranoia” by taking fears of drones and the National Security Agency to a “hysterical level.”

The threat of the Kentucky senator as a presidential candidate has triggered a barrage of criticism from King over the past year, even sparking King to mull a run in 2016 himself.

“I think he appeals to the lowest common denominator,” he said, comparing him to isolationists of the 1930s. “​We do need an intelligent debate, and I don’t think Rand Paul is capable of having that debate.”​

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