Wondrous Strange

by Jay Nordlinger

The other day, I heard something amazing — discovered it right here on the Corner. First, a little background. Ever since Obamacare was Clintoncare, or Hillarycare — we spelled it with a capital C in the middle: “ClintonCare,” “HillaryCare” — conservatives have been talking about the folly of reordering one-sixth of the national economy. That was our mantra, back in ’93: “one-sixth.” (Sometimes people said “one-seventh.” I’m not sure how you measure.) Of course, we had occasion to revive our mantra after the advent of Obama. The incumbent president has been able to fulfill some of the Clintons’ dreams. The idea that the Clintons are more moderate than he is absurd.

Anyway, I had never heard anyone left of center — any non-conservative — say “one-sixth.” Not in this context. Ever. Until the aforementioned and wondrous other day: when Senator Chris Murphy (D., Conn.) said, “We were reordering one-sixth of the American economy — you don’t do that without some bumps along the road.”

First comes acknowledgement, then repentance?

P.S. Early this morning in Central Park, there was a young woman picking daffodils. Making a nice bouquet. I wanted to yell out, “Hey, those are taxpayer flowers!” Kind of ticked me off, actually. This may be an occasion for political-philosophical musings “in future,” as the British say.

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