18 Minutes

by Kevin D. Williamson

“Remember the Alamo!” is a favorite battle cry among my fellow Texans, but, without meaning any disrespect to the men who gave their lives there, I prefer to remember the one we won, the Battle of San Jacinto, 178 years ago today. An outnumbered and out-gunned Texian militia under the command of Sam Houston took less than 20 minutes to defeat Santa Anna’s army, taking the tyrant himself prisoner the next day.

Among the banners of the Texas revolution was the constitution flag, the traditional Mexican tricolor with “1824″ printed across it, a reference to Santa Anna’s rescinding of the Mexican constitution of that year,  stripping the Texians, and others, of constitutional  rights to which they had become accustomed. At tea-party rallies and other events, I’ve seen a few red, white, and blue flags with “1787″ printed on them. April  21 is a fine day to be a bitter clinger. 

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