Ponnuru, the GOP, and Foreign Policy

by Stanley Kurtz

I much enjoyed Ramesh’s piece today on the dangers of an overly polarized Republican foreign-policy debate. I largely share his concerns about the GOP getting trapped into a choice between Rand Paul or John McCain, when so many Republicans fall between these two poles. The only point on which I’d differ with Ramesh is the notion that a GOP foreign-policy debate won’t draw much attention until a major world crisis breaks out.

Were a Republican presidential prospect to articulate an identifiable middle ground on questions of foreign intervention, I suspect significant public attention (and support) would follow. Doing so well in advance of 2016, or some future world crisis, would lend credibility and seriousness to the effort.  Many conservatives are calling on potential GOP presidential candidates to articulate a positive policy agenda on domestic issues. Why not a “reformed” Republican foreign policy as well?

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