Obama Returns to the Court Following 2-for-22 Outing Last Easter, Quits After Going 1-for-3

by Andrew Johnson

​President Obama’s reputation as a basketball player took a hit at last year’s Easter Egg Roll when he went a paltry 2 for 22 shooting wide-open from the floor (even missing a few layups). One ESPN commentator said the showing would “go down as the most embarrassing moment of his entire presidency.”

This year, he fared much better percentage-wise, but didn’t risk showcasing his abilities for long. Hesitant at first, amid chants of “Do it, do it” from the crowd, Obama agreed to have another go. Calling last year’s performance “the worst shooting I’ve ever done,” the president missed his first two shots before rimming in his third.

With a much-improved 33 percent field-goal percentage, President Obama walked off the court, notching a nice improvement on his 9 percent last year.

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