Rand Paul on Abortion

by Ramesh Ponnuru

David Axelrod asked him yesterday about his view of the issue, and he said that while his “personal religious belief” is that life begins at conception, the country would have to reach a consensus on the point before it could be made law. I don’t especially like the “personal religious belief” language, but if pro-lifers insisted on candidates who knocked every answer out of the park we wouldn’t have very many. Paul is the lead sponsor of the “Life at Conception Act”: Nothing wishy-washy about that.

Allahpundit, in the link above, asks whether Paul’s concession to political reality will be a problem for him in the primaries. It depends on which votes he needs, but it’s worth keeping in mind that his point is in no way a departure from anything Republican nominees have said for the last 20 years.

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