Interior, Park Service Sued over Government-Shutdown Documents

by Iain Murray

Regular readers will remember that for many, the most vindictive part of the government’s shutdown was the treatment of national parks, going so far as to close roads leading to private dwellings, and to shutter private businesses that had never been closed in any previous shutdown.

My group, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, wanted to get to the bottom of this, so we sent the Department of the Interior and the National Park Service various FOIA requests for more details. These lawful requests have been simply ignored by an administration that increasingly regards the law as something to be followed only when it is convenient.

Accordingly, we have sued the respective agencies to obtain full access to these documents. Hans Bader has the full story at Openmarket.

In related news, viewers of Deadliest Catch will have seen in last night’s episode how the Alaskan crab-fishing fleet was held hostage during the shutdown by the administration’s refusal to turn over permits to the captains for fishing rights they had already paid for. I wonder how the captains would react if they knew that while the officials who controlled their livelihood were deemed non-essential, union representatives paid by the government to do union work were deemed essential.

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