Krauthammer’s Take: Obama’s Foreign Policy Is ‘Minimal’ And ‘Laughable’

by NRO Staff

Charles Krauthammer called President Obama’s trip to Japan particularly important because of “the weakness Obama has shown vis-a-vis Russia on Ukraine.” 

Obama’s visiting Asia because China is claiming islands in the East China Sea that Japan already claimed, and they’re claiming islands in the South China Sea that the Philippines have claimed. 

“[Obama's] going to go around and tell them ‘we’re going to stand with you,’ but what does that mean given the president’s actions?,” Krauthammer asked. 

When the presidents stands behind our allies, it looks like the news reported earlier on Wednesday that 150 American troops are being sent to Poland. “150 troops up against 100,000 Russians is not exactly a detergent,” he said. And that every time the Obama administration does something right “it does it in a way so minimal to be laughable.” 

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