Walker, Cruz Offer Short Video Messages to NRA Convention

by Jim Geraghty

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker addressed this year’s NRA Convention in a short video message — unfortunately, the audio was a little muffled, and it began abruptly with him thanking veterans.

“I’m proud to say in Wisconsin, we’ve enacted legislation on concealed carry and the Castle Doctrine new incentives for hunting fishing trapping.” He mentioned the NRA’s help in his election and recall fight, and noted that he can expect another one. “Because I have a tough election, I’m back home in Wisconsin.”

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz also appeared by video, beginning by telling the assembled NRA members, “Thank you for working to keep your children, your family, and your communities safe. Thank you for your patriotism. Your country needs you.

“Earlier this week, a retired Supreme Court Justice [John Paul Stevens] proposed changing the Second Amendment. He said the right to bear arms should be limited to our militia. But the right to protection shouldn’t be limited to our military. The Second Amendment wasn’t designed to protect government; it was designed to protect individuals. The document means exactly what is says.”


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