On Ocean Acidification

by Jonah Goldberg

A number of climate change activist types have been having a grand time ridiculing my concern with ocean acidification given that I am a critic of climate change hysteria. They say ocean acidification is caused by climate change so .. aha! Here’s my response in this week’s G-File:

In my column earlier this week, I included the problem of ocean acidification as an environmental issue that is not getting enough attention because of climate-change mania. Some liberals have criticized this as a ridiculous statement since ocean acidification is largely caused by increasing CO2 emissions. I actually tried to address this in the column, but had to cut it for space reasons. There’s no contradiction. Even so-called “climate deniers” do not deny that we are putting more CO2 into the atmosphere. The argument about climate change is about the effect on global temperatures. You can be a “climate denier” — I’m not, by the way — and still think there can be other negative consequences from greenhouse-gas emissions. You can also believe that the [Chris] Hayesian abolition of fossil fuels is the wrong solution to the problem. For instance, dropping large quantities of limestone into the oceans might do the trick. The idea needs more study, but I’d rather give Gaia some Tums than throw billions into poverty.

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