Braley Tries to Justify Controversial Farmers Comment

by Andrew Johnson

Iowa Democratic senate candidate Bruce Braley is still feeling the heat for his controversial comments regarding the state’s popular senator and its farmers, and found himself making a false equivalence in trying to rationalize his reasoning.

While at a fundraiser in Texas last month, the four-term congressman told a group of trial lawyers that current Republican senator Chuck Grassley was unsuited to lead the Senate Judiciary Committee because he is “a farmer from Iowa who never went to law school.” Braley apologized to Grassley and to Iowa farmers for his comments, but polls since the release of the video show the potential Republican candidate gaining ground in a once-lopsided race.

Speaking with MSNBC over the weekend, Braley reiterated that Grassley was qualified to lead the committee but thought his earlier comments were “no different than asking a group of farmers whether they think a lawyer would be more qualified to chair the Senate Agriculture Committee.” (For what it’s worth, the committee’s current chair is Michigan Democrat Debbie Stabenow, who is not a farmer.)

Ultimately, Braley said he “learned what I’ve known for a long time” from the fallout of his remarks, which is that people sometimes will say things they regret and that it’s important to take responsibility when that happens.

Via American Rising.

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