Another Dishonest Shane Osborn Ad

by Rich Lowry

Shane Osborn is up with another dishonest attack on Ben Sasse, accusing him of being a supporter of Obamacare, in fact of “bragging on Obamacare” prior to this Senate run. This has as much merit as his prior accusation that Sasse was a Washington bureaucrat for nearly a decade. Osborn is mostly relying on this speech in 2010 for his fodder. In this talk to health-care professionals and community leaders in Nebraska, Sasse is speaking as a neutral analyst and his criticisms of Obamacare are relatively muted. But it is obvious that he opposes it, thinks it’s much too big and unwieldy, believes it tries to grapple with the uninsurance problem while ignoring other huge problems like cost, considers it another addition to an entitlement crisis that is driving a debt crisis, and favors Republicans offering positive solutions on health care. Osborn manages to distort this into support for Obamacare in another spot that is almost a parody of negative advertising. Geraghty has a post on the latest polling in the race, which shows a three-man race, with Sasse still leading and third-place businessman Sid Dinsdale moving up. Dinsdale has to be delighted that Osborn is so harshly attacking Sasse, while doing his own credibility no favors.


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