Re: Another Day, Another Obama DOJ Attempt to Politicize and Racialize Criminal Justice

by Roger Clegg

Of course Heather is right. And the charges of racial bias these days are generally limited to drug-law enforcement, since even extremists like Michelle Alexander acknowledge that “black men do have much higher rates of violent crime [than whites].” Now, I’m not persuaded that there is widespread discrimination in drug-law enforcement either, but let’s assume that there is. What should be done about it?

Well, one approach is to conduct the massive program that Mr. Holder is undertaking, collect a lot of data, re-educate all the policemen in the country, bring plenty of Justice Department investigations, and perhaps even follow the suggestion of people like Professor Alexander and radically change our entire criminal justice and political system. 

This will certainly keep the bien-pensants busy! While the rest of us wait for all this to shake out, however, here is another approach, and one that can be implemented immediately and at no cost:

Step 1: Do not use, buy, or sell illegal drugs.
Step 2: If you belong to a racial or ethnic group that you think is targeted by the police, then especially do not use, buy, or sell illegal drugs.

Now, it may be objected that it is unfair if the police let white kids buy, use, and sell illegal drugs more than black and Latino kids. True, but when you think about it, it’s really not a good idea to buy, use, or sell illegal drugs anyway. It’s not as if the police were keeping you from doing something that would be beneficial or even harmless to you and your community if you did it. Indeed, if the police were more tolerant of blacks and Latinos buying, using, and selling illegal drugs than white kids, probably the Left would complain about that. So my suggestion really does not involve any sacrifice.

At no extra charge, I will also provide another suggestion, for members of all racial and ethnic groups:

Step 3: Instead of using, buying, and selling illegal drugs, spend that time doing homework or something else that will improve your mind and character rather than destroy them.

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