Pawlenty: GOP Should Back ‘Reasonable Increases’ to Minimum Wage, But Not Dems’ Version

by Andrew Johnson

Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty thinks it’s time for Republicans to support a “reasonable” minimum-wage hike. Appearing on MSNBC on Wednesday, he said the increase would be consistent with Republican policies and give the party more credibility in looking to help the middle class.

“If you’re going to talk the talk about being for the middle class and the working person, if we have a minimum wage, it should be reasonably adjusted from time to time,” Pawlenty said. “There are some basic things that we should be for, and one of them is reasonable increases from time to time.”

Later, after the show, he took to Twitter and clarified that he is not suggesting congressional Republicans support President Obama’s and Democrats’ current plan to bump it up to $10.10.

​The Washington Post notes that, while serving as governor, Pawlenty signed a bill to increase Minnesota’s minimum wage to $6.15 but vetoed a second bill to increase it to $7.75 four years later.

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