Terry McAuliffe Tells Reid to Cool It on Comparing Dan Snyder to Donald Sterling

by Andrew Johnson

Virginia’s Democratic governor, Terry McAuliffe, doesn’t like Harry Reid’s likening NBA owner Donald Sterling’s offensive comments to NFL owner Dan Snyder’s decision to keep the name of the Washington Redskins

Hours after the majority leader took to the Senate floor on Wednesday to call on the NFL to punish Snyder in a similar way to the NBA’s lifetime ban of Sterling, McAuliffe told a local radio station that Sterling had “a history and a pattern” of racist actions and comments while Snyder didn’t. “I would not compare the two,” he said.

Politicians in general “should not be telling private sector businesses what to do with their businesses,” he said. His response echoes what he said when asked about the team’s name during a gubernatorial debate last year.

Despite serving as Washington, D.C.’s team, neither its stadium or offices are located in the district. The team plays at FedEx Field in Landover, Md., while its headquarters are located in northern Virginia and the team holds its annual training camp in Richmond.

Via the Washington Examiner.

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