WH: ‘We Don’t Have Hard, Concrete Numbers, But We Dispute Their Numbers’

by Andrew Johnson

Reports that only two-thirds of Obamacare’s federal enrollees have paid for their first month’s premiums are wrong, according to Jay Carney, though he concedes the White House doesn’t have its own data to prove it.

“We dispute their numbers,” Carney told reporters during Thursday’s press briefing.​ “We don’t have hard, concrete numbers, but we dispute them.”

The White House will make the data known when the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services “has it ready.” He argued that people who enrolled towards the end of the enrollment period — or even afterwards in some cases — may not have paid because they’ve yet to receive a bill.

On Wednesday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee released a report finding that 67 percent of enrollees had not paid their first month’s premium as of April 15.

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