W: ‘I Hope Jeb Runs’

by Josh Encinias

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked former president George W. Bush on Thursday if he thinks his brother Jeb should run for president. Bush said he hasn’t talked to Jeb about it, and he added, “I hope Jeb runs.”

Bush said his brother “would be a great president,” and “we’ll talk when he’s ready.”

Tapper mentioned Jeb’s positive polling among Republicans, but Bush dismissed that. “That don’t mean anything for him,” Bush said. “I can guarantee he’s not looking at a poll to decide whether or not he wants to run.”

The former president said Jeb is “checking his core” and thinking if a run for president would be good for his family.

He thinks Jeb will decide after the midterms, and if he needs some advice he can ”give me a call.”

The brothers’ mother, former first lady Barbara Bush, apparently disagrees with W: She told C-SPAN in January that America has “had enough Bushes.”

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