Kay Hagan’s Approval Tumbles, Disapproval Skyrockets

by Andrew Johnson

With election day six months out, North Carolina’s Democratic senator Kay Hagan’s approval and disapproval numbers are moving in the wrong directions for those who’d like to keep a Democratic Senate.

An Elon University poll from April 2013 showed Hagan, who is considered one of the more vulnerable Democratic incumbents this fall, in positive territory with a 40 percent approval rating and 32 percent disapproval. But in the latest version of Elon’s poll, from April 2014, the first-term senator finds herself underwater: Hagan has seen her approval drop to 34 percent, while her disapproval has jumped a whopping 14 points to 46 percent.

Among voters who currently disapprove of Hagan, the leading reason was her support of Obamacare, followed in second place by general disagreement with her on policy.

Hagan’s drop in approval over the course of a year mirrors President Obama’s in the state over the same time, though his approval is currently higher than hers, at about 40 percent. The president’s disapproval is also slightly higher than Hagan’s, at 48 percent.

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