Former Obama Comms Director: Benghazi E-mail Not a Smoking Gun, a ‘Leaking Water Pistol’

by Patrick Brennan

Anita Dunn, who briefly served as President Obama’s communications director, is, unsurprisingly, not impressed by the latest release of Obama-administration e-mails surrounding the Benghazi attacks. Some conservatives have labeled the document a “smoking gun,” but Dunn thinks it’s more like “a leaking water pistol.”

On Meet the Press, Dunn argued that the White House’s suggestions for Susan Rice on the Sunday talk shows following the attack didn’t include any claims that weren’t in the intelligence community’s talking points, and that the White House’s involvement was entirely normal. The e-mail pushing Rice to underscore that the terror attacks in Benghazi weren’t a failure of administration policy, she said, is the “kind of e-mail that gets sent around every Friday.”

When host David Gregory suggested that the normal activity the White House had engaged in with the Benghazi e-mails was “trying to make the president look good,” Dunn even disagreed — it was more about trying to come up with a coherent message for the Sunday shows, she said.

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