Ingraham Battles Van Jones, Plouffe on Benghazi

by Andrew Johnson

Laura Ingraham took on former Obama administration officials Van Jones and David Plouffe on ABC’s This Week on Sunday over the latest revelation of the White House’s handling of the Benghazi attacks, as both sides traded fire on who was politicizing the attacks.

Ingraham argued that, at the very least, the e-mails revealed that the White House acknowledged the potential political problem posed by the attacks. But, in the midst of a tough reelection campaign, the administration opted to spin the narrative, including Susan Rice’s Sunday show appearances and the president’s interview with David Letterman, she said.

“In the immediate aftermath, the response was to go political,” Ingraham said.

Jones countered that Democrats did not “politicize” embassy attacks under President George W. Bush. Jones, who said he personally knew slain ambassador Christopher Stevens, called Republicans’ investigations “a disservice” to him.

“This is a disservice to him for you to take a national tragedy and turn it into a political opportunity,” he said. Former Republican senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum, who was also on the panel, pushed back, saying that the Bush administration never withheld e-mails regarding embassy attacks or was evasive in providing clear answers to the process.

Plouffe, who was included on e-mails regarding the attacks and the talking points, repeatedly dismissed the “bogus” congressional investigations and the House’s recently appointed select committee.


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