McCain: Carney ‘Destroyed His Own Reputation’ in Benghazi Briefings

by Andrew Johnson

Jay Carney’s misleading explanations regarding the September 2012 Benghazi attacks are “an all-time low for a presidential spokesperson,” says John McCain. He took particular issue with Carney’s claim that recent e-mails regarding the administration’s approach in the aftermath of the attacks were not related to Benghazi.

“I have never seen anything like, after 19 months, the e-mails concerning their priorities, and the president’s spokesperson saying that it had nothing to do with Benghazi,” the Arizona senator told Fox News on Monday.

Carney, who McCain previously thought was “a pretty straightforward journalist” while a reporter at Time prior to working in the administration, has “destroyed his own reputation” through his performance in recent press briefings, McCain added.

Overall, McCain said Democrats are “scared to death” of the select committee tasked with investigating the attacks and the Obama administration’s handling. “If there’s nothing to it, as they’re saying there’s nothing to it, they should want this committee because they will prove themselves right,” he said.

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