Are There No Republicans in Texas?

by Kevin D. Williamson

I am perplexed by the rationale of Judge Jeanine Howard, the Dallas Democrat who sits on Texas’s sixth district criminal court and who has become infamous for handing down a 45-day sentence for a young man convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl. The judge has justified her sentence by noting that the victim was unusually sexually experienced for a 14-year-old and is, among other things, a mother; that the perpetrator, whose name is Sir Young, had just turned 18 at the time of the crime; that the victim had sent text messages to the perpetrator communicating her sexual willingness, etc.

Some of that might — and let’s underline “might” a couple of times — be relevant if Mr. Young were charged with simply having a consensual sexual encounter with an underage girl. But he was charged with, and convicted of, forcible rape, what a certain Hollywood liberal with whom we are all too familiar likes to call “rape-rape.” The girl said “no,” “stop,” etc. There are no mitigating factors.

Is it too late for somebody to get into the race against Judge Howard? Are there no Republican lawyers in Texas?


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