Study: Just 7 Percent of Journalists Are Republicans

by Andrew Johnson

The percentage of journalists identifying themselves as Republicans has decreased dramatically over the years, according to a new study by Indiana University. The survey found that just 7.1 percent consider themselves Republicans, compared with 18 percent in 2002 and much higher numbers in earlier decades.

While self-identified Democrats also fell over that time — from 36 percent to 28 percent — four times as many journalists still consider themselves Democrats as do Republicans.

The study also found that slightly less than 60 percent of journalists think their profession is headed in the wrong direction, versus 23 percent who think it’s going in the right one. Only 23 percent said they were “very satisfied” with their job, down ten points from 2002, and less than half of those who felt that way in 1971.

The IU survey polled reporters across all fields, not just those who cover politics.

Via the Washington Post.

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