Mercy in Albany

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Andrew Cuomo’s abortion-expansion desire hit a road block today, said to kill it for this legislative session. Or so we pray.

UPDATE: Making sure the work against the governor’s drive continues, a friend who watches Albany closely makes an important point: 

It’s a blow, to be sure, but not a definitive one. This was the old stand-alone abortion expansion bill.  The 10th plank of the Governor’s “Women’s Equality Act” is still alive (although our GOP allies continue to assure us that there’s no chance of it moving).  We’ll see.

The danger of Cuomo’s “Women’s Equality Act” is that this grave abortion-expansion can pass without people realizing it. (Simply passing abortion-expansion, he knows, is bad politics with anyone outside the abortion lobby he might need to win over in a Democratic presidential primary.) And that danger remains. 

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