Re ‘What Bob Hoskins Did for Me’

by Jay Nordlinger

In response to my post, below, about a certain locution I learned from Bob Hoskins in Mona Lisa, a reader sends me a Christopher Hitchens column, from ’04 — which begins,

The following anecdote appears in one of Niall Ferguson’s absorbing studies of the British Empire. On the eve of independence for the colony of South Yemen, the last British governor hosted a dinner party attended by Denis Healey, then the minister for defense. Over the final sundown cocktail, as the flag was about to be lowered over the capital of Aden, the governor turned to Healey and said, “You know, Minister, I believe that in the long view of history, the British Empire will be remembered only for two things.” What, Healey was interested to know, were these imperishable aspects? “The game of soccer. And the expression ‘f*** off.’”

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