The Family and Us

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Over the last few weeks and months — and year, and years — marriage and family has often been a topic of conversations I’ve found myself in. One of the most important points I tend to stress is chaos in family life certainly didn’t — absolutely did not — begin the day courts started down the road of legalizing same-sex marriage.

Writing on Public Discourse about a new documentary from Focus on the Family that a number of friends of mine are in, Serena Sigillito writes:

Irreplaceable expresses the truth that the sin and brokenness tearing apart the family all come from within the individual human heart. As [executive director Tim Sisarich] returns home, he reflects:

I set out on a journey to find out what’s wrong with the family, and I came to a conclusion. I am. I haven’t loved the way He loves me. We as Christians haven’t loved the world, the prodigals, even one another the way He calls us to love.

But that isn’t the end of the story—not really. To restore loving family life to the heart of our culture, we must begin with ourselves—one family, one person at a time. “Despite our mistakes,” says Sisarich fervently, “love can still transform us. And only then will we begin to transform the world around us.”

For anyone talking about marriage and family today it is important to have a little bit of a penitential posture even while confidently proposing what makes sense for life, love, and the common good.

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