‘Rick Santorum’s New Culture War’

by Rich Lowry

Pat has an excellent piece on the home page today on Rick Santorum’s blue-collar conservatism. This isn’t the last we’ll hear of it. Santorum is very likely to run for president again for at least three reasons:

1) He has a theory of the case. He has a well-considered take on the world and his conservatism has a different flavor than that of almost all the other potential candidates. So he quite reasonably believes if he isn’t its standard-bearer, no one else will be.

2) He ran before. He told us when he was here for an editorial meeting the other day that he believes he learned from his experience last time, and will be able to apply the lessons if he goes again.

3) He believes a lack of resources isn’t an obstacle. It will likely be a field crowded with other candidates with bigger fundraising bases, but Santorum lived off the land in 2012 and clearly thinks he can do it again.

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