Never Too Busy To Do the People’s Business: California Moves to Ban Confederate Flag Sales (Under Some Circumstances)

by Tim Cavanaugh

True justice for all took a step forward Monday as the California Assembly passed a bill to prohibit state agencies from selling Confederate flags.

Assembly Bill 2444 originally aimed to ban all sales of the Stars and Bars on state grounds, but the bill’s sponsor, Compton Democratic Assemblyman Isadore Hall III, amended it to avoid First Amendment conflicts. The bill passed the lower house on a 72-1 vote.

Hall’s office did not respond to requests for comment.

Lest you think Confederate flag sales were some kind of rogue operation by the Horse Racing Board, the Board of Chiropractors, or one of the other 369 government agencies maintained in the nothing-left-to-cut Golden State, Hall avers that his own mother discovered novelty Confederate dollars for sale in a gift shop at the state Capitol. And according to Los Angeles CBS 2, state functions are a hotbed of Reb sympathizers:

Hall noted a sign sold at the state fairgrounds depicting a Confederate flag with the phrase “It’s still my American flag.”

Confederate activity in California during the actual Civil War was pretty limited. Though Hall’s fellow Democrats joined with disgruntled Californios to make some trouble in Los Angeles and managed to form a pro-Southern militia, nothing came of it, and the Golden State remained solid Union territory. The next big Civil War re-enactment in the state will be in late August, at Huntington Beach’s Central Park.

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