Krauthammer’s Take: America’s War on Carbon Emissions Is ‘Economic Suicide, Global Do-Goodism’

by NRO Staff

The White House released their climate change report today, and Charles Krauthammer responded that without a global reductions, and should climate change be predominantly based on human activity, then America’s carbon reductions do nothing to help our economy or the world. 

Kruathammer said America’s climate change problems starts with its proponents chalking every weather event up to global warming.

“Any scientific theory that explains everything explains nothing,” he said. “And no matter what happens in climate that’s unpleasant, it’s attributed to global warming.” 

Despite the United States reducing its carbon emissions to 1992 levels, worldwide carbon emissions are higher than ever, “because we don’t control the emissions of the other 96 percent of humanity, especially China and India,” he said.

As America dismantles its coal plants, China and India add a combined one coal plant per week, and the net effect is simply that America’s energy-generating industry is shifting from here to India and China. 

Krauthammer said that unless there is a global pact to reduce carbon emissions, America’s reductions amount to “economic suicide in the name of do-goodism that will not do one iota of good.”

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