Rubio: Crist’s GOP Racism Claims ‘Ridiculous and Silly’

by Andrew Johnson

Charlie Crist claims what drove him out of the Republican party was not a looming 20-point loss in the 2010 Senate primary, but racism. On Wednesday, the candidate who beat him — Marco Rubio — is dismissing Crist’s excuse as “ridiculous and silly.”

“I’m cautious to even dignify that with a serious response,” he told Fox News. “My prediction is by the end of this election even Democrats will be embarrassed Charlie Crist became a Democrat.”

If Crist truly felt this way towards the Republican party, Rubio questioned why the then-Florida governor didn’t say so at the time and why he switched to an independent rather than a Democrat (Crist switched to a Democrat after endorsing President Obama in 2012).

Rubio said he “absolutely” believes Crist is phony, which is one of the reasons he opted to run against the presumed favorite at the time. “I didn’t want my next U.S. senator to be someone like that who wouldn’t just not be trustworthy in moments of importance to the country, but who would embarrass by saying these sorts of ridiculous things.”

Noting Crist’s slight current lead on incumbent Republican governor Rick Scott, Rubio pointed out that he too once trailed Crist but ultimately prevailed.

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